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Thursday, 17 February 2011

Giovanni Bedin and the House of Worth

These incredible creations are worth a look.

“The tutus – I like the idea that women in the 19th Century didn’t wear mini skirts but the basque was very important and I like the idea of wearing the volume but reducing the length,” explained Bedin of his creations.

Bedin also explains that his dresses are versatile, the tutus being removable and allowing the bodice to be worn separately, perhaps with jeans.

These cute but sexy creations are enough to make any woman melt. Looking as if they could have walked off the set of Black Swan, they show detail and quality at its best, as well as a bit of showbizz drama, allowing all us women to be transported back to our childhood days, where dressing as a ballerina was regular... and acceptable .

Click for more Bedin brilliance

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