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Friday, 30 March 2012

Alliance Boots Project

Aim: To strengthen the relationship between the Boots brand experience and the fashion credentials of some of its brand.

This project focuses on the opportunity for Boots to improve its brand profile in terms of its response to 'Fashion and Lifestyle'. Recommendations need to balance the core values of the brand with maximising the relationship the retailer has with some of the highly aspirational brands it sells.

When approaching this brief it seemed that there were two main areas that may need targeting. One being the visual merchandising and retail environment promotional tools, and the other being Boots media promotional tools.

In my eyes I believe that Boots' current strategy for media promotion has been working well for them, driving people  in to stores and increasing footfall. However, when looking further in to the Boots brand experience, it seemed to me that the in-store experience had been neglected, focusing completely on brand image through television advertisements, rather than looking in store and seeing what could be developed further.

One main thing that I think is an issue within Boots is the separation between high, mid and low price ranges. There is nothing in store to attract shoppers from one price range to the other, which has caused a convenience store type environment in which people rush in for one thing and then leave.

The Concept

Boots - Feel Good from Within

The Solution

In-store digital signage. The introduction of this technology would not only be cost-effective, but could also increase interest in products from different areas of the store. Promotions and offers could be flashedd up on digital signs that change throughout the day. Promotions on food could be shown at lunchtime, as well as all price ranges being promoted and the awareness of these products and their prices could be increased.

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