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Friday, 30 March 2012

Louise Gray for Autumn/ Winter 2012

Louise Gray for Autumn/ Winter 2012, the modern and more up-to-date version of the recession’s obsession with made-do-and-mend. This collection combines beautiful layering with a bohemian and Glastonbury chic reminiscent of summer.

These beautiful outfits truly show that we are living in a world of the alternative where there are no boundaries of time and space, where 80’s metallic prints can match themselves with geometric printed, calf-length boots and feminine pastel shades can be juxtaposed alongside peacock style hair.

It seems there are no longer any rules when it comes to what ‘goes’ with what. The work of Louise Gray reminds me of my mother’s fabric drawer, a place where every pattern possible can be found, and will, most definitely be used on just one item of clothing. Her collection is personal and makes the viewer or wearer feel nostalgic of simpler and more playful times. It raises questions such as, why shouldn’t boots be bright yellow and patterned? Why shouldn’t I wear my hair straight up in the air like a ‘wishing troll’ toy? It is fair to say that we should no longer be scared of fashion, with this collection showing us the way forward on doing whatever we want.

Although, as previously described it may seem like these garments are completely mix and match, when looking closely it is obvious that every colour, every fabric and every texture has been carefully selected to create an overall feel, a feel of homeliness and of locality that is rarely seen in the fashion industry nowadays. Gray has distanced herself from the feel of fast fashion, because nothing about this collection signifies mass production.

The make-do-and-mend impression that is first given to the viewer however, is soon turned on its head through the use of hair, make-up and structure. These are strong women who hold themselves with confidence, not housewives bound to their sewing machines. The structural silhouettes create broad shoulders, showing a powerful figure, however the waist is pulled in, still showing femininity. Their makeup is playful but strong in colour, emphasising the cheekbones and in my eyes the faces and hair reflect the look of a beautiful bird, showing off its wing length to the others.

Overall, Louise Gray for Autumn/ Winter 2012 shows a complete understanding of the current need for individuality and a personal touch. It shows that there are no boundaries on colour, texture or pattern and how you can wear them because 2012 is the year of the individual and the alternative. Hair can be wild, boots can be coloured, earrings shouldn’t match and makeup should no longer be natural. Louise Gray’s collection wants you to play, be creative and think bright for Autumn/ Winter. Feel nostalgic, feel daring and feel powerful because we can make-do-and-mend without lifting a finger, all we need is a little Louise Gray.

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